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Its easier than you think: Learn tech and earn more money

refreshingly beginner-friendly tech lessons written by experts to get you certified.

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Land a new 

cybersec career

Starting IT Technician positions start at $62,318 per year

Updated May 2024

86% of IT Technician jobs posts 

did not require a 4-year degree

CompTIA May 2024 Jobs Report

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Step 1.  Learn and finish a quest in arkitect

Step 2. Book a remote exam

Step 3. Pass (because you'll know all the answers)

Step 4. Get industry-certified

Step 5. Start a new, future-proof career


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arkitect can be your secret weapon, use it as a way to deepen your comprehension and prepare on the go


Choose a certification quest, target those topics, and deepen your comprehension through hands-on lessons that will help you ace the exam

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